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Healthy Me Unit

PYP 1 & 2 started of the year with the Healthy Me unit this year. The Norwegian part is to investigate the food plate and being able to classify and sort different food types in groups.

Students also inquire into their eating habits and bring in food products that has the green Nøkkehullmerket (key hole). Groups of students will go to the food store and shop for healthy pizza ingredients before making and serving a healthy lunch. Grade 1 students write shopping lists of healthy food and grade 2 students compose texts about healthy food choices.

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Finally!! After searching around for good solutions on how to upload documents on my blog I ended up with one of my favorites – DROPBOX! I have tried Scrible, Google Docs and Docstoc, but they all ended up changing my fonts and everything looked really messy! I have used Dropbox with my Mac for 2 years know and I just LOVE IT! Drag and Drop, there it is – faboulous:) If you haven`t tried Dropbox before, you must – it`s definetly a lifesaver. My students use it to; I share a folder with them, they drag in their documents/picture etc. and right away it shows up in my folder and a notification pops up at my desktop – easy:)!

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Getting to know my students:)

Last year we used these «All About Me» posters on the first day of school. Students shared in groups and we made a little quiz and had a «Human Graph» activity. Every student had their picture taken to glue on. It was great to have something decorative to put up on our walls early on as well. The simplest of the posters I used for the 1st graders who wern`t able to write or they could use both drawing and writing. NSL (Norwegian Second Language) students also enjoyed this activity, introducing them to basic Norwegian. Posters are free to download here, both in English and Norwegian!
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Becoming a Blog Addict!

While searching the web for new ideas and inspiration this summer I came over some teacher blogs that just blew me away! A whole new world opened and I quickly became a «blog stalker»:) I have been busy for many years using web 2.0 tools, creating various web pages and implementing ICT in my classroom, but never blogged.. Blog-stalking around, I found the TBA blog and quickly decided that I needed to start blogging myself!!

TBA is a great commuinty for teachers to share and colloborate. When creating my blog, I found that there where always someone that would lend a hand, answer questions and share resources. Working in a very small school (about 15-20 staff members) it`s lifesaving to be just a few computer-clicks away from teachers all over the world that are willing to help and share! Thank You:)
If you haven`t visited TBA before, please click the TBA button and get ready for a great adventure:)

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Fun with Postcards

My mixed class of 1st and 2nd graders simply love this activity! In the beginning of the year I collect all sorts of cards for this writing activity. We write travel postcards, invitations, get well cards, new adress/moving away cards, birthday/celebration cards….you name it!

Together as a group, we either decide to use a student story as our inspiration or we use the «mail bag». The Mail Bag has three boxes, where two of them contains pictures of people (ex. grandmother, newly weds, boy with broken arm, family with baby) and one that has pictures of different items (ex. bicycle, house, fish, flag). Students then draw a card from each of the boxes, representing who the cards is for, the sender of the card and the main message (ex. grandmother, fish, boy with broken arm = postcard to grandmother from a boy that broke his arm on his first fishing trip). The children love to come up with ideas of what might be the occation to writing the card. We also then decide what type of card we are writing.
I would love to have a smartboard in my classroom for this activity, but for now we use the big whiteboard. We talk and learn about date format, first/middle/last names, adresses, zip codes, different types of greetings, as well as grammar. It`s an activity we use all year round. At times we go hunting for our focus letters/sounds or sight words or students draw the front of the postcard if we dont have one that already match the message in our card.
After writing the card together, I type it up on the computer (making sure to use different fonts) and glue it on the back of a postcard and laminate it. It now goes in our postcard reading basket! As many of my students can`t read when they start school this is a great way to practice. The text is short and they have been a part of creating it so it`s motivating and not to challenging. I also asks students to send cards to the class whenever they go somewhere or give an extra birthday invitation, and those cards are also laminated and put in our basket. This way the postcard collection is growing every year:) I can`t wait to come back to school and collect all the cards (hopefully..:)!) that are sent to us during summer holiday:)!
Feel free to email me if you would like the word template i made for typing the postcards!
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Time for Goal Setting!

I will like to share my goal sheets that I use for the students. I am always looking out for new ways to inspire my students to reach their goals. This goal sheet we work on together during our first weeks of school and they are then sent home for parent signing. I like having the parents involved and aware of were their children are at and where they are going. I send home two copies (having one returned to me) so that they can put it up on the fridge or somewhere it`s easy to refer to.

At school I will have to come up with a good idea for displaying them. I teach around 60 children so putting them up on a wall just took too much space last year, but I need to keep them easily available for both me and the students. Please share any good ideas you might have! 🙂
I`m happy to share the goal sheets with you here!:)