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Becoming a Blog Addict!

While searching the web for new ideas and inspiration this summer I came over some teacher blogs that just blew me away! A whole new world opened and I quickly became a “blog stalker”:) I have been busy for many years using web 2.0 tools, creating various web pages and implementing ICT in my classroom, but never blogged.. Blog-stalking around, I found the TBA blog and quickly decided that I needed to start blogging myself!!

TBA is a great commuinty for teachers to share and colloborate. When creating my blog, I found that there where always someone that would lend a hand, answer questions and share resources. Working in a very small school (about 15-20 staff members) it`s lifesaving to be just a few computer-clicks away from teachers all over the world that are willing to help and share! Thank You:)
If you haven`t visited TBA before, please click the TBA button and get ready for a great adventure:)

En tanke om “Becoming a Blog Addict!

  1. Thanks so much for your TBA post!

    You have such cute printables on your blog. I like the getting to know your students pages.

    Happy Blogging!

    Teaching Blog Addict
    ♥Teaching with TLC

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