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I am back!

Hi everyone:)

After about a year, I am finally back in business with my blogging!!

It`s been such a busy time after I had my first child, Matteo. Becoming a mum has turned my life upside down in so many ways! It has been the best time of my life, but also the most frustrating and challenging. Staying home for 9 months (yes, that`s how long the Norwegian maternity leave is!), was challenging, as I missed work a lot and it was never time to sit down and create resources. I am a person who need to use my hands and be creative or else I get all frustrated.

Our little Prince never slept, it seemed like, night our day… He was up between 12-15 times during the night until he turned 8 months. After that we made it down to about 6-8 times. During daytime he slept between 10-30 minutes. We were exhausted:)! But still, no one has ever brought so much joy, love or happiness into our lives as him!

Just about the time Matteo turns 2 years old in March, we are expecting a new little Prince in our family <3 We are overly excited and we can hardly wait to meet him! Hopefully, he will be a better sleeper than Matteo, so Mum will have time to be creative and share some resources with all of you;)

For the time being, I have been re-designing my blog, and as you might see there`s still some work left. Though not all of the blog pages are ready yet, I will still be posting new freebies and products, so keep your eyes open!

See you soon 🙂

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