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Socrative – A great tip about online student response system

The other day I received a great tip from a fb follower about Socrative, a online response system for students. My follower used it in class to test her students reading comprehension. I tried it out immediately and found it very useful!

It requires a free teacher register, but no register for students at all. It can be used on any device, from laptops, to smartphones. When you register as a teacher, you are assigned with a room number, and that number is all the students need to get started with your activities.

You can easily create your own quizzes, and also share them with other teachers:)! Each quiz will give you options to run as student paced or teacher paced. You can assign the quiz as an individual test or as a space race, where you team up your students in groups, and they can see the groups progress compared to the other groups – great fun to do in class :)!!

After ended quiz, group or individual, you can download a report in Excel format to see all students answers and total results.

There are still features in Socrative that I havn`t yet explored, but it is definitely a program I will use in class from now on! 🙂

Thanks for the great tip:)!!

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