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Time for Goal Setting!

I will like to share my goal sheets that I use for the students. I am always looking out for new ways to inspire my students to reach their goals. This goal sheet we work on together during our first weeks of school and they are then sent home for parent signing. I like having the parents involved and aware of were their children are at and where they are going. I send home two copies (having one returned to me) so that they can put it up on the fridge or somewhere it`s easy to refer to.

At school I will have to come up with a good idea for displaying them. I teach around 60 children so putting them up on a wall just took too much space last year, but I need to keep them easily available for both me and the students. Please share any good ideas you might have! 🙂
I`m happy to share the goal sheets with you here!:)
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