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How to lock clipart in a PDF file!

Teachers Technology Thursday is here again and the poll from last week clearly showed that you wanted know how we can secure text and clipart in a PDF. So that`s what we`ll be doing today 🙂

First in the tutorial I am showing you what can happen if you don’t lock your clipart! Most believe that once you save ex. a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF, others can`t reuse any of the images. Well, I`ll show you just how easy it is to actually do this!

You may ask why it`s important to lock clipart etc in your files. First of all you have 3 categories of graphics; free, personal use and commercial use. “Free”, normally means that you can use it anyway you like and you don`t pay for it. If it`s sold as “personal” it means that you can only use it in your own work, and you are not allowed to sell or share files that contains this clipart. “Commercial” means that you can create files, adding the clipart and sell/share your files after. BUT, clipart artists, those that sell their graphic work, don`t want people to be able to “steal” or use their clipart without paying for it. They spend hours and hours on their work and even though it`s sold as “commercial use” you may not be allowed to share or sell your files without locking the clipart! You will have to read the artists “Terms of Use” carefully before selling or sharing files where the clipart is not locked. Most artists won`t let you, so you are better of learning how to lock it down!

Click the picture below to see the tutorial!

Make sure to check out the new poll for next weeks Technology Thursday in the right hand column! Have fun and lock your clipart today! 🙂

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