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Time to get organized – with a Freebie!

Who is ready for summer?? I know I am 🙂 Even though I am not teaching at the moment, I sure am ready for this wonderful time of year. Usually, my first priority during the summer holiday is to get organized for the next school year! And I love it!! This year, I will spend my time getting organized with my TpT “business”. I have a long, long list of products waiting to be created and published, in addition to teachers sending me requests for various resources. Thanks by the way – you sure know how to keep me busy and my buisness running 😉 L-O-V-E IT <3

One of my main ways to stay organized is by storing everything in binders. Though most things can be digitalized today, using media platforms like Pinterest and Dropbox, I am still a little “old fashion” and like to keep a hard copy of my stuff. I pin almost everyday, but about twice a month I print my pins and organize them in my personal teacher binder. I love to sit down and go through page by page of great ideas for products!

I also keep my TpT business and blog, Joy of Teaching, organized this way. Here`s a glims of my personal binder and what I keep inside…

It`s a “must” for me that my binders are looking colorful and fun – inside and outside. I also keep a sketch pad inside for whenever those bright ideas turn up and I just have to get them down on paper 🙂 
I laminate all the page dividers so that it`s easier to keep each section apart!

I print and glue photos of great ideas I find online or from visiting other teachers classrooms! It has become my big book of inspiration 🙂 !

Would you like to get your stuff organized this summer as well? Here`s a binder cover & spine freebie for you! Click the picture to go directly to my TpT-shop for instant download!

All you need to do is create a free members account at TpT, download the file and open in PowerPoint! You`ll receive 6 different covers as seen above, and two different sized spines for each cover – all EDITABLE! Means you can type your own text by simply clicking on the text boxes.
A list of my favourite fonts is ialso ncluded in the file. Google the font name and download for your own personal use!

I would love to see your binder and hear what you keep inside?!

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I miss you!

Hello everyone!

Finally, I am starting to get back into blogging buisness 🙂 As many of you might already know, we were expecting a new family member March 4th, the exact same date as our first prince was expected two years earlier. This last pregnancy really had it`s ups and downs so blogging was not at all prioritized.. We were 8 days overdue the 12th of March, on our first son`s birthday. Woke up early to sing him the birthday song and give some presents. Right after that I realized that the contractions I had felt earlier were getting stronger and it was time to go to the hospital. Yes, you guessed it! Our second prince were born on his big brother`s birthday:)! Same due date, same birthday. Matteo, our first son, was born March 12th at 02:02 and Millian, our second, was born March 12th 13:58. I can remember our midwife asked me if we should try to extend the birth so that Millian would be born 14:02… I think my reply was something like ” H…., no!” 🙂 Born on the same date was good enough for me 😉 To make it a little more special, my better half has two kids from earlier relationships, who also shares birth date:)

Millian – 51 cm, 4170 kg
So, time is passing by really quick when I`m at home with these little ones!! Though I love every minute of it, I still miss work and my kids at school! I have received so many texts and emails from students and parents, as well as staff, and in someway it`s nice to know that I`m missed:) I recently got this from one of my students and it really touched my heart…
I have been missing the alone time I had before, creating teacher resources, blogging, late night goggling for great ideas and communicating with my followers here at Joy of Teaching. A teacher is not what I am, but who I am. So I am kinda missing a part of myself when there`s no time for work. 
But as I`m slowly starting to get back to “myself”, I wanted to share a freebie with all of you followers! It`s 6 front covers that I attach to file folders, to use gathering work and information to students that were absent from school. This way I can send home a folder with everything they missed and nothing is forgotten:) You can grab the freebie from my TpT-shop by clicking on the image below! It includes both English and Norwegian covers!
I have also uploaded several new items to my shop;
Enjoy everyone – I`ll be back soon! Until then, I`ll miss you 😉
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New Freebie – Playdough Letter Mats

Hi all 🙂

Today I`d like to give you a new freebie to use in your classroom centers – Playdough Letter Mats!
All you have to do is print and laminate, and you`ll have a great center activity throughout the year.

Included in this freebie are 26 play dough mats (A-Z), both upper and lower case, for those small hands to practice letter formation. My kidos love this center! Try it for free, by downloading it from my TpT Store HERE!

Have a nice evening! 🙂

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It`s time to plan the new year!

A new has just begun and with that I would like to share a 2015 calendar freebie with you! This packet contains 12 monthly calendar pages, with cute little graphics from Melonheadz. It can be downloaded from my TpT Store by following the links below. You can choose between English or Norwegian calendar.

I have found it to be very handy having a monthly calendar displayed in my classroom, just for my own overview. I note down tests coming up, assemblies, meetings, or other special happenings, so that it is quickly assessable without me having to get my plan book. I have also printed one i A3 size to use at home for our family planning!

Download here:       English      Norwegian
Hope you`ll enjoy it and happy planning! 🙂
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Weekly Word Activity Freebie (English & Norwegian)

This week I would like to give you a Word Activity Freebie!!:) It is a great tool to get students think about vocabulary and practice those weekly words. For the younger students I will make a big A3 copy and choose 2-3 words that we work on together during our morning session. Older students can use this individually or work in pairs. They make great displays and can also be put together in a binder or vocabulary book for students to keep!

Students get practice in:
– synonyms
– antonyms
– use of dictionary (definitions)
– grammar (nouns, verbs, adjectives)

Have fun and please leave a vote if you choose to download my freebie:)!